S3 E1 – No Fooling: Seniors want Affordable, Healthy, Sustainable Housing

Powered by Age: Age-Friendly City Podcast (S2 E51). Our 51st Zoomcast April 1st, 2021);

April 1 is often identified with ‘foolish” pranks. But, Powered By Age kicked off its 51st episode THURS., Apr. 1 with a salute to National Poetry Month and a special presentationNo Fooling: Seniors want Affordable, Healthy, Sustainable Housing“, led by housing thought leaders Sarah Radia , a “healthy buildings” and sustainability expert, and Anastasia Koutalianos, founder of the Tiny Homes Collective and livability researcher. They shared their extensive experience as consultants working with public agencies as well as developers and architects. We learned that “health is sometimes the price of building development”, but that price can be modified when people work together across age groups and neighborhoods to challenge unfavorable building codes and zoning that prevents construction of lower market rate living structures in some neighborhoods. We discussed ways some of our podcasters are pressing for support of cooperatives and housing modifications that enable people to grow older in the same place. One of our prolific poets, Neall Ryon read his original poem, “The Poet”.  Charlotte thanked our guests and reminded everyone to LOOK Forward to the wonderful ways PBA will observe National Poetry Month during April. For further information or to refer others to the podcast you can PBA at pbaafc@gmail.com or phone 778-512-0664

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