S1 E2 – Making Money as a Senior, Zoomer-Boomer-Senior Comedy Program, Creative Short Stories

This is the second episode of our new podcast series!

In the first segment, Flor and Dorothy talk a bit about themselves and what the 411 Seniors Centre means to them.

In the second segment,  Lynn Curtis, Kathy Gregg, Mayumi Spry and Taylore Co discuss ways in which seniors can make money.

In the third segment, Mayumi Spry interviews Janice Bannister, a Brain Fitness instructor and Laughter as Medicine expert.

In the fourth segment, Taylore Co shares her creative story “Caught by the Cops”.

In the fifth segment, Kathy Gregg shares her creative story “Reitmans”.

In the sixth segment, John Roberts shares his creative story “Existentialist”.

In the seventh segment, Mayumi Spry shares her creative story “Me & My Gallbladder”.

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