S2 E30 – Debunking Myths on Aging

Our 30th Zoomcast (November 5, 2020) features an engaging conversation on a Myths about aging facilitated by Charlotte and Robin.

Charlotte shares the finding of a Yale University of Public Health and Psychology researcher, Dr. Becca Levy, that replacing negative myths about aging with positive perceptions resulted in a “nearly eight-year increase in average lifespan.

We debunk myths about aging such as “older people can’t learn new things” and “seniors are not interested in sex.” We look at how such perceptions not only create ageist attitudes but also contribute to the aging process. Robin shares a researcher’s assertion that stressors such as cold weather, fasting and extreme exercise help prevent aging. We humorously counter these notions with comments on the importance of mindset, the impact of our own expectations and the expectations of others, how lifelong learning can ward off dementia, and the various ways people interpret “dressing your age.”

Judith Rainey reads from Milton’s Paradise Lost that she associated with a quote by Frankel that led to a flurry of chat messages regarding the most applicable quote. We agreed everyone’s positivity indexes these conversations raise our self-appreciation.

Hosted by Charlotte ‘Sista C’ Ferrell. Sponsored by the 411 Seniors Centre Society and the City of Vancouver.

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