S2 E30 – Remembrance

Our 80th Zoomcast (November 11, 2021);

Charlotte Ferrell welcomes us to this special Remembrance Day episode to share memories and engage in a wide-ranging discussion of our sometimes conflicted thoughts on this day. Ramona Srinavasan shares songs and memories of her mother and her childhood in Mumbai. Charlotte Ferrell shares memories of her father inspired by an Automobile Club handbook. Lesley Hebert describes a map of her father’s World War Two march through Europe and his feelings about November 11.

Our discussion topics include the complex issue of women in the military, sexual abuse prevention, ways to use social media and education to encourage social change, the rise of
intergenerational collaboration and global awareness of alternatives to war, and the nature of democracy.

Charlotte outlines upcoming programmes and encourages people to contact her at pbaafc@gmail.com with their programming ideas.

Sponsored by the 411 Seniors Centre Society; The Government of Canada: New Horizons Program; and G & F Financial.


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