S2 E41 – A Conversation Potluck

Host, Charlotte Sista C Ferrell, convenes “A Conversation Potluck” with “appetizers”, a Main Course, and Dessert. As our appetizer, participants introduce themselves by describing a flavour that reflects their character.

For our main course we share take-aways from the U.S. Jan. 20 Inauguration, starting with Vancouver poet, Sherry Duggal reading the dynamic last stanza of Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman’s awesome poem. Our savory discussion included possible directions for US politics; the implications of President Biden’s Executive Orders, particularly the closing of the XL pipeline, for Canada. We acknowledged the historical rise in women’s prominence and roles in the celebration. We concluded this
course noting ways that writers, especially, can encourage international unity, and reduce fear or anxiety.

Our Desert was poetry. Sherry Duggal reads her poem “I Stand with Farmers” and Lesley Hebert reads her poem “Thanks Be.”

Hosted by Charlotte Sista C Ferrell. Sponsored by the 411 Seniors Centre Society, Vancouver.

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