S2 E43 – What’s in A Name?

Our 43rd Zoomcast (February 4th, 2021);

We consider the implications of various names as labels for older people, particularly when identifying this demographic in housing, health and research studies. We discuss how the names we use, or are called, reflect upon our identity and the perceived rights and privileges of Canadian citizenship. We also note differing receptions the labels “senior citizen” or “elder.”

Charlotte shares a list of qualities previous podcast groups have asserted they would like to see as the profile of older people in an “age-friendly city. These include, resilient trailblazers and skilled decision makers.

Chris Morrissey provides an update on her progress following major surgery. Lesley shares the interview she recorded with dialogue facilitator-community activist, Angela Sealy.    .

Charlotte announces the 411 Centre’s free tax clinics for low income seniors begins March 1. For an appointment to drop off your paperwork, phone 604-684-8171 or e mail contac411@411seniors.bc.ca

Hosted by Charlotte Sista C Ferrell. Sponsored by the 411 Seniors Centre Society, Vancouver.

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