S2 E44 – Feelings about Feelings

Our 44th Zoomcast (February 11th, 2021);

Our pre-Valentine’s Day discussion focusses on a range of feelings. We discuss the different emotions evoked by the ways people respond or look away when we greet them while walking in our neighborhoods.  The prevalent commercialization of Valentines Day is compared with its original meaning. Several people reflect the ways that music, writing memoirs and journals help us work through strong emotions or reach desired outcomes.

Neall Ryon reads his poems The Melancholy of Windblown Grass and Talk to the Child, and Charlotte Ferrell reads her poem Rebirthing our Worthiness. Joel Flynn expresses his experience in exploring new music technology tools through the extra time ‘generated’ by the Covid-19 shutdown. We consider aspects of reaching our PBA goal to create “ Canada’s largest archive of  interviews about interesting or notable older people.

Hosted by Charlotte Sista C Ferrell. Sponsored by the 411 Seniors Centre Society, Vancouver

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