S2 E50 – Celebrating our 50th Episode!

Our 50th Zoomcast (March 25th, 2021); Celebrating our 50th Episode. Hosted by #CharlotteSistaCFerrell


Charlotte Sista C Ferrell, PBA Coordinator and Host, welcomes everyone to PBA’s 50th online episode since the “pandemic shutdown” forced the podcast creation program to shift from meeting at the 411 Senior Center to meeting via Zoom. She highlights ways PBS created programs for special months or issues, and initiated training for podcasters to record their Stories, Poems, Interviews and Novelties on the PoweredbyAge.com website

Leslie Remund, Director of the 411 Senior Center Society, acknowledges ways PBA connects seniors from “411”, other senior centers and community groups, and helps reduce loneliness. She announces the 411 Board has approved funding to support PBA for another year.

Marion Pollack, 411 Board Chair, recognizes today’s episode as the golden anniversary of a project which has given a voice to seniors across BC who wish to be creative, have fun and change the world.

Robin Erickson, PBA mentor, facilitates a creative showcase of PBA talent featuring Lesley  reads A Simple Cup of Tea, a story from her Japanese travel memoir. Joel Flynn plays his adaptation of Kate Bush’s Man with a Child in his Eyes from an album arising from his ongoing cross-border music project. Chris Morrissey reads It’s Customary, her story about crossing the border when returning to Canada with her Irish/American partner. Filmmaker Adhel Arop reads two poems reflecting her traumatic childhood in South Sudan: The Child I used to Be and The Trenches of Emotion. Neall Ryon reads Siddhartha by the River and Sista C closes with a spoken word performance of I’m on Fiyah.

We conclude by discussing the relationship between the languages we speak and our world view.

Sponsored by the 411 Seniors Centre Society, Vancouver.

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