S3 E10 – International Refugee Day

Our 60th Zoomcast (June 17, 2021);

As a way of honoring International Refugee Day, Nansey Sinclaire facilitates an engaging conversation with Hassan Aj Konter, author of Man at the Airport. We learn how he lost his Syrian citizenship, business and home for not supporting the war, then spent seven months living in an airport, seeking help until he decided to use social media. We discussed his surprise in seeing how international attention led to his getting the five private, sponsors needed to become a Canadian refugee representative. PBA participants, such as Chris and Elisa recognized and acknowledged Hassan’s current work with the Red Cross and other refugee advocacy organizations. He earnestly replied to questions by Lesley and others regarding how he met his personal needs and maintained such a positive sense of gratitude after not having any personal space in the airport. He attributed his faith and the kindness of strangers.

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