S3 E16 – Chi, That’s Nice

Charlotte Sista C Ferrell welcomes us to the start of “Awesome August”.

We do our customary self intros of people online at the start, we hear an overview of today’s “Chi, that’s Nice” – energizing Breathing and Chair Yoga class with Gurpreet Sandhu, the Memberships and Volunteering Coordinator for 411 Seniors Centre. Gurpreet describes and demonstrates simple, daily, arm and shoulder movements that help us to feel rejuvenated. She took us through some seated neck stretches that help relieve stress or strains after long periods of sitting, especially before going to sleep. Listeners may be able to follow the audio from Gurpreet’s excellent descriptions. According to her, “Yoga is a great way for people to gain balance and strength in all phases of life.”

Today, we also heard award-winning Author, Neall Ryon read a story from his latest book, the Brighton Tarot Card Mystery. He shared how his “Cold Break” story evolved from a writing prompt for a 24 hour writing contest. Next Week our Awesome August feature will be a Travelogue by Nansey Sinclaire with tips on how we can enjoy the “fantasy islands” a short ferry ride away.

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