S3 E23 – Re-imagine Yourself through Memory, Mindfulness and Meditation

Our 73rd Zoomcast (September 23, 2021);

Charlotte introduces today’s facilitators/ podcast mentors: Jesse Wentzloff and Nansey Sinclaire. Nansey opens today’s session with a humorous narrative on typical human concern about schedules and success versus the memory of mi versus re-imagining life where world peace, Tupperware lids and odd socks.

Delsa Degeit explains the difference between mindfulness and meditation. She leads us through a guided meditation. We discuss how the experience affected us and discuss the nature and purpose of silence.

Neall reads a poem from the Bhagavad Gita about the nature of God.

Jesse comments on the value of silence within a podcast or radio show when people are nudged to reflect upon their lives or practice an unfamiliar meditation.

Charlotte gives a preview PBA’s Thursday’s 2nd year birthday celebration where she will present a Tribute Poem writing workshop where selected poems will be presented Oct 1 at the 411 Senior Centre’s annual program dedicated to the U.N. International Day of Older People.

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