S3 E27 – Put Your Best Voice Forward

Our 77th Zoomcast (October 21, 2021);

Our host, Charlotte Sista C Ferrell invites us to introduce ourselves with an animal sound that reflects our feelings about the past week, and introduces Robin Eriksson, a PBA Podcast mentor who is also Program Coordinator at CJSF radio.

She opens our skill-based session, “Put Your Best Voice Forward” with a guided meditation on bodily awareness.

We listen to Lesley Hebert’s description of Japanese soccer fans, Neill Ryon’s poem The Yellow Umbrella, Chris Morrissey’s childhood vacation memory, Delsa Degait’s poem on a Buddhist monk, Prafulla Vayas’s poem about a kitten and Peter Jailall’s poem You Must be Born Again. Robin gives each one a different
cue for re’vitalizing their reading by varying the speed, intonation or vocal range to add tension,
drama and power to their voices. Allthough none of the group had previously experienced such
cues everyone expressed happiness with the effect and new way of experiencing their writing.

Robin announces that the new CJSF studio at SFU is almost ready to begin in-person broadcasts. Those interested in taking part in more extensive preparation to host a radio show or record their writing can email her at cjsfprog@sfu.ca. Charlotte announced PBA future sessions will continue to offer audio and virtual technology skill building ; she welcomed everyone to email her at pbaafc@gmail.com to share ideas or register to join our podcast program

Sponsored by the 411 Seniors Centre Society; The Government of Canada: New Horizons
Program; and G & F Financial

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