S3 E34 – Gratitude

Our 84th Zoomcast (December 9, 2021);

Host Charlotte Sista C Ferrell introduces our theme for today, Gratitude, and welcomes 411 Centre Board member Jeannie Kammins, who shares a poem incorporating all the things she is grateful for.

Lesley Hebert reads her poem A Posy of Gratitude.

Ramona Srinivasan tells us the story of how her brother’s unfortunate accident led to her meeting
her husband.

Charlotte reads her poem Thank you for Being my Children from her book From Pillows to

Neill Ryon shares his story, Grateful for the Dishes, and reads In Appreciation, a poem from his
book From the Other Side.

We discuss how hearing each others’ expressions of gratitude increased our appreciation for all
the conveniences and choices we have and how it reduces stress and anxiety.

Jeannie announces the 411 Centre’s free Christmas decoration workshop on December 13, 10:30 to noon, and the December 22 Holiday Celebration. Call 604 684 8171 for reservations as numbers are limited. This is also the number to call for information and referral services or to become a member and/or volunteer.

Charlotte invites listeners to check out the ”S.P.I.N.”- Easy Listening segments on the PoweredbyAge.com website and to contact her at pbaafc@gmail.com to receive invitations and reminders to participate in our weekly Thursday podcast creation meetings.

Sponsored by the 411 Seniors Centre Society; The Government of Canada: New Horizons Grant; and G & F Financial.

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