S3 E35 – Johnnie Proby

Our 85th Zoomcast (December 16, 2021);

Host #Charlotte Sista C Ferrell introduces our featured presenter, Johnnie Proby, a jazz and gospel recording artist, and ‘Sound Healing Practitioner. She sings Nat King Cole’s The Christmas Song, which generates a discussion about the powerful ways music and other vocal practices stimulate healing vibrations that regulate stress and act as a memory trigger for people with memory loss. Our virtual participants introduce themselves with the name of their favorite song. Johnnie explains how the words, tone or pace of our favorite songs help create our Heart song. Dr. Ramona Srinivasen chants the Lotus Sutra and explains it relaxing effect. Nansey Sinclaire shares how calming her heart while walking dogs and encountering a bear has lead to the bear walking past without bothering them.

Neall Ryon shares his poem The Yellow Umbrella which includes the song Sing a Song of Sunshine. You can enjoy more of Neall’s poems at fromtheotherside.ca

Listeners can get in touch with Johnnie at johnnieproby.com, or go to https://experience.heartmath.com/free for free meditations

Sponsored by the 411 Seniors Centre Society; The Government of Canada: New Horizons Grant; and G & F Financial.

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