S3 E50 – Celebrating our 100th Episode

Our 100th Zoomcast (March 30, 2022);

#PowereredByAge host #CharlotteSistaCFerrell welcomes us to today’s program celebrating its 100th episode as Canada’s longest running senior-led podcast.

Marion Pollack, 411 Sr. Centre’s Board Chair, commends the ways our podcast has helped increase seniors’ comfort with technology and otherwise build an age-friendly world for seniors; she thanks our
host, #CharlotteSistaCFerrell for her tireless work and advocacy.

Co-host Jesse Wentzloff, Public Affairs and Talk Coordinator for CJSF FM, congratulates us for our community building work, variety of creative expressions and for reaching our the 100th episode.

Chris Morrissey of QUIRKE thanks PBA for providing a voice for LGBTQ?+ Elders and welcoming their presentations throughout its 100 episodes. Four members of QUIRKE present special readings: Cynthia Cole reads her poem Card Art. Val Innes reads from QUIRKE’s publication Together We Stand. Ellen reads her poem You’ve Struck a Rock. Pat Hogan reads part of Blame it on the Wimmen, her autobiographical work about lesbian activism.

Joel Flynn, owner of Pod-Stream, the original recording site for PBA, describes ways we surmounted some space, time and organizing challenges during our early podcasts. He sings Van Morrison’s Into the Mystic.

Jane Belanger, ukulele instructor and Judy Hinds, craft instructor-volunteers at the 411 Sr. Center, present a video about their programmes and sing and play You are My Sunshine. New classes will be announced.

Poet, Neall Ryon presenter of the greatest number of poems during PBA, reads his poem I Am the Heart.

We end with a flow of greetings and accolades from podcast contributors and attendees, including Wilda Keir, Yoshimi Yokano, Dr. Ramona Srinivasan, Delsa Delgeit, Lesley Hebert, and Juliet Rebello.

You can obtain copies of Together We Stand; Queer Elders Speak Out, at the Public Library, or email spuds1536@aol.com. For e-versions of the QUIRKE’S recent zines, contact innes.val@gmail.com

Sponsored by the 411 Seniors Centre Society; The Government of Canada: New Horizons Grant; and G & F Financial.


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