S3 E11 – Continued Observation of Indigenous Peoples’ Month 

Our 61st Zoomcast (June 24);

Charlotte recaps why we – like concerned community organizations across the country – are Commemorating instead of Celebrating Indigenous People’s Day this year. In light of the painful news that 700+ more bodies of Indigenous Children- and possibly some adults  have been discovered on the grounds of a Residential School, we  had a lively g discussion of our understanding and feelings about, these words: Indigenous, Unceeded,  Treaty, Traditional, Reconciliation,  Sovereignty, Nationhood. While our opinions or experiences varied, we concluded that such discussions are essential in helping non-Indigenous people become better informed and serve as allies and advocates for children, families, and organizations seeking to rectify emotional, educational and financial injustices against the first inhabitants of Canada and other disenfranchised people. Participants: #Charlotte Sista C Ferrell, Gail, Nansey, Jesse, Mario, Neall.  (last names not given here due to possible controversial nature of some comments)

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