S3 E19 – Writers at Work

Our 69th Zoomcast (Aug 26th, 2021);

Host, #Charlotte Sista C Ferrell opened with a welcome to our featured presenters, Una Bruhns and Lesley Hebert; others participating as guests introduced themselves.

Una, a published author and writing activity leader began with inspiring Haiku poems about the Cherry Blossom festival. This led to others’ sharing memories of cherry blossom festivals and several inquiries about the nature of Haikus. Una anchored the structure of this three-line poem with 5 syllables, 7 syllables, then 5 syllables. Aside from encouraging us to experiment writing a haiku about anything that inspires us – plants, people, events. Her rich bounty of inspiration included sharing how she created the book, Poetry in Photography where poems convey feelings generated by photos. Her tips are to read other people’s poems; use writing prompts and participate in critique groups.

Leslie demonstrated the value of participating in a review or critique by reading a suspenseful attention-locking passage from her memoir- Japan travelogue in the works. As a career writer and – English as a Second Language instructor, Leslie has not only educated hundreds of students, she’s won awards and had some recent poems selected for publication. Her tips were to always carry a notebook, go out into the world, “relax, observe, and just let your words come.

Our engaged “zoomcast” guest participants also described ways that writing enriches their lives. These included Jenny, Neall, Ramona, Del and Maria who will be sharing their work in upcoming podcasts.

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