S3 E20 – Sharing Stories

Our 70th Zoomcast (September 2nd, 2021);

Another week of stories and other writing from our PBA podcasters.

Last week, Author/Host Charlotte Sista C Ferrell gave us 2 alternative Writing Prompts to use in writing either a poem or a mini-story, and several participants share their responses this week.

These prompts are as follows:

  1. Imagine you woke up to discover it is 30 years in the future. Describe or write what you would say to the first person you meet.
  2. Write a funny or silly “to do list” that you would give to a kid who asks what they could do to earn $20.

We also hear a short story by award-winning author Neall Ryon who has just braved the odds and published a new book of stories and is making sales.

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