S3 E21 – The Why, What and When of Important Senior Issues

Our 71st Zoomcast (September 9, 2021);

Charlotte introduces Marion Pollack, 411 Senior Centre Society Chair and seniors’ advocate, who outlines key election issues, emphasizing national standards for affordable long term care; increased community-based funding for senior housing; affordable health and Pharmacare. Marion encourages listeners to vote and to consider joining the 411 Centre Seniors’ Issues Committee. For information, phone (604) 684-8171.

Our other guest–environmental activist, Susan Gage—enlightens us about elder and intergenerational protests at the Fairy Creek old growth logging site and ongoing court cases against logging companies and the RCMP. Susan believes it is both a privilege and a responsibility for elders to play key roles in environmental activism. Our online ‘zoomsters’ echoed these concerns and expressed interest in joining letter writing or other advocacy efforts to get more healthy brain and mental health programs for seniors; reducing the 2 year wait for subsidized housing; and universal, affordable daycare for young families to ease this burden on grandparents.. .

Neall Ryon, Nansey Sinclair and Lesley Hebert read Neall’s multi-voice performance piece The Alien, a short story with a big nudge to consider how we treat others. Host, #CharlotteSistaCFerrell notes that stories and poems are powerful advocacy tools and welcomes more. Next week we will be celebrating our 75th Episode.

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