S3 E25 – The Meaning of Cheer

Our 75th Zoomcast (October 7, 2021);

To celebrate our 75th episode, our host Charlotte Ferrell recalls past program accomplishments, such as covering all 20 topics initially indicated as key elements in creating an “Age-Friendly City.”.

Delsa Degeit introduces her friend and upcoming feature guest, award-winning poet Peter Jailall.

Inspired by last week’s episode on tribute poems, Nansey Sinclaire reads Where does the Time Go? a meditation in celebration of Older Person’s Day. Rosario Larion reads her poem The Being Next Door. Aparna reads an introspective tribute to her mother and Lesley Hebert reads an endearing acrostic poem.

Charlotte leads an activity—”write your heart more cheer” from her book Heart Balm Just for You. We brainstorm adjectives around the concept of “Cheer” and use them to create a poem or paragraph to the accompaniment of “Dance of Life: Relaxing Fantasy Music for relaxation and meditation” and “Upbeat Study Music: Deep Focus for Complex Tasks”.

Peter Jailall shares his poem “Old Fight, with accolades for older people’s contributions to our society.

Sponsored by the 411 Seniors Centre Society; The Government of Canada: New Horizons
Program; and G & F Financial

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