S3 E3 – Preview to May

Our 53rd Zoomcast (April 29, 2021); “Preview to May”

Hosted by #CharlotteSistaCFerrell

Charlotte introduced questions pondering ways we can travel via our imagination and creativity at a time when travel restrictions have been tightened by the Provincial government to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. Participants had reflections on the word MAY DAY that varied from the May Day distress call that means “help” in French to vivid memories of Maypole dances and coronations of a May Day princess.

Neall Ryon read his latest entry to the 24 hour short story contest he enters seasonally. Everyone was surprised by what happened to the boys in the Treehouse. Charlotte facilitated an acronym activity where everyone first selected “chrisis” words for the letters in MAY DAY then happy, uplifting words. Chris, Nansey, Aideen and Lesley enthusiastically posed creative ideas, formats and topics for the remainder of the month and our Journey into June.

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