S3 E4 – Mother’s Day

Our 54th Zoomcast (May 6, 2021); Mother’s Day

Charlotte Sista C Ferrell, Host

During our 54th Episode Charlotte posed two questions that sparked a rich flow of conversation.

The first dealt with the origin of North American Mother’s Day celebrations- first as a special time for recognizing the importance of the role of mothers and their value in raising children with a concept of freedom, peace and responsibility to a highly commercialized semi holiday with heavy advertising for jewelry, restaurant meals, flowery cards etc.

The second involved bringing a photo or other item to express its significance to Mother’s Day. Nansey brought a photo of herself with her mother and reflected upon the exhilarating feeling of seeing your newborn baby despite the pain.

Neall read, “Ordinary Mary”, a poem expressing regret and awe for all the ways his mother cared for him and survived life’s challenges without him noticing as a child.

“Queen” Kombii discussed the absence of a Mother’s Day celebration in Ghana where the whole neighborhood or community extends the care associated with “mothers” and cares for a child if its mother dies.

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