S3E41 – Remembering Gail Harwood

Our 91st Zoomcast (January 27, 2022);

Our host #CharlotteSistaCFerrell invites 411 Board member Monica Murguia to open today’s session with the Breaking News that the 411 Centre reopens on January 31. Activities include support services information and referral, free internet and phone access. Appointments are recommended. All activities will follow Covid-19 protocols. The centre is at 333 – 330 Terminal, close to Stadium station.

Our introduction “prompt” for today is ‘mountains’ and we introduce ourselves by sharing thoughts or memories about mountains. Supporting media promotion of the word, “Listen”, we discuss the importance of greeting people sincerely, making eye contact and waiting to hear people’s response to the greeting, “How are you?”

Charlotte highlights the enthusiastic way Gail Harwood participated in our podcasts as a “Peer Leader” from its 2019 launch until her recent passing. Neall Ryon remembers spiritual discussions he held with Gayle with his poems The Monk and The Shadow. We hear The Moment by Margaret Atwood submitted by CJSF Radio Coordinator Robin Eriksson. Charlotte reads two
tribute poems, Gail and Bring on the Peacemakers. Closing the tributes, Prafulla Vyas read her poem My Sunset in a Teacup. Gail’s persistence, faith and humor are anchored in our hearts.

Gail’s family members notified us they are delighted that Gail’s recordings are available on the SPINs (Stories, Poems, Interviews, and Novelties) section of the poweredbyage.com website. Listeners are encouraged to record SPINs on their phones or in special sessions with our production team. We are especially looking for people to record interviews of other seniors. To record a SPIN, submit ideas for future podcasts or to take part in them, contact Charlotte at pbaafc@gmail.com

Sponsored by the 411 Seniors Centre Society; The Government of Canada: New Horizons Grant; and G & F Financial.

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