S3E44 – Now (411 News) and Then (Black History)

Our 93rd Zoomcast (February 17, 2022);

We recognize Family Day with our stories about our “most memorable” family members.

Host #CharlotteSistaCFerrell introduces the presenters for our new definition of “Breaking News”: Beneficial, Reliable, Encouraging, Applicable, Kind, Interesting, Notable, Gems.

411 Senior Services Coordinator Rosemary Collins shares information about the Centre’s Information and Referral Service, outlines types of assistance offered by BC Housing, and discusses the SAFER subsidy and subsidized housing program. She announced that 411’s tax clinic will run March 7 to April 28 to assist seniors with current and past year returns and GST rebates. Next week we will hear more details on ‘getting organized’ for tax preparation. For assistance with government services, housing, or income tax, make an appointment by email contact411@411seniors.bc.ca or phone our human operator at 604 684 8171.

Hannah Shin confirms that STAR Institute will attend the Horizons Conference May 26-29 to share findings on seniors and the digital divide. She welcomes listeners to take part in the conference’s three days of workshops being held at SFU (Simon Fraser University) Downtown. Anyone interested can email Hannah at Hannah_shin@sfu.ca or phone her at 604 684-8171.

#CharlotteSistaCFerrell recognized Black History Month with inspirational quotes by Olympic gymnast Simone Biles; Actor Chadwick Boseman; and Poet, Langston Hughes about intelligence, beauty and belief. #NeallRyon reads his untitled poem about emancipation and the “virus of peace”. #LesleyHebert continues her poetry readings inspired by Black BC history from Wayde Compton’s 49th Parallel Psalm.

Sponsored by the 411 Seniors Centre Society; The Government of Canada: New Horizons Grant; and G & F Financial.


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