S3E46 – Breaking the Bias

Our 96th Zoomcast (March 3, 2022);

Our host #CharlotteSistaCFerrell invites participants to introduce themselves with thoughts and quotes for International Women’s Month. She reads the short affirmative poem for #BreaktheBias.

The 411 Seniors Centre’s Services Coordinator Rosemary Collins shares inspirational quotes and presents some pertinent facts about ageism. She feels that assumptions about elders’ lack of intellectual capacity is worse for women because of the additional impact of sexism, and notes that seniors’ invisibility and lack of access to services and civic engagement is exacerbated by the digital divide. She encourages us to push back against ageism by grouping together to share coping strategies and advocate for the return of “live” human beings assisting seniors with government and other services.

In recognition of International Women’s Day, Neall Ryon reads his poem Who is She to You?

Rosemary Collins announces that the 411 tax clinic begins on March 7 runs to Apr 28. For an appointment phone a real human being at 604 684 8171.

#CharlotteSistaCFerrell invites us to get up and move to This Girl is on Fire by Alicia Keys.

Neall Ryon invites feedback on his new poem The Cat.

Sponsored by the 411 Seniors Centre Society; The Government of Canada: New Horizons Grant; and G & F Financial.

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