S3 E5 – Writing With Doretta Lau

Our 55th Zoomcast (May 13, 2021);

Charlotte Sista C Ferrell, Host

Our 1st of 2 episodes honoring Asian Heritage Month. Charlotte welcomes our special guest, Vancouver Writers Fest featured author, Doretta Lau, who shares a discussion-stimulating reading of a story from her collection of short stories, “How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank God for the Sun?”

All of our podcast participants shared previous or renewed experiences in writing stories, books, memoirs or poetry. This included Anne, Nansey, Aideen, Chris, Diane, Wendy and Jesse. Doreen encouraged us to carry a note card or note book to be ready to write ideas as they emerge. As a writer of different genres she endorsed others inspirations to do likewise.

We were welcomed to register for the free workshop she is doing especially for immigrants via https://writersfest.bc.ca/event/my-roots-free-writing-workshop-for-immigrants-2021/ on June 5 to 6.

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