S3 E9 – Indigenous History Month II

Our 59th Zoomcast (June 10, 2021);

Charlotte highlighted June’s special months or days: Indigenous People’s Month and Year; Pride Month; Father’s Day; Juneteenth, International Refugee Day, and how acknowledging these provide opportunities to learn more and have more harmonious conversations. People were asked to bring any momenta that connected them with any of these special days.

We heard the song, Young, Sick, Broke by Nimkish

Chris brought and explained the colors in a small PRIDE flag. In discussing things that were special to us we spoke about how devastating it is to people when their people’s culture or sacred spaces are lost when their land is taken or segments of a city get ‘gentrified.’

Diane shared the introduction to a presentation she is creating about her aunt; it will be featured in a future podcast.

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