S4E6 – Celebrating Asian Heritage

Our 106th Zoomcast (May 12, 2022);

Our host #CharlotteSistaCFerrell welcomes us with an overview for Asian Heritage month. We introduce ourselves with information about our backgrounds.

Yoshimi tells us about growing up among other Japanese immigrants eking out a living in Canada in the 40s. She reveals the transition that occurred when a student in a new school encouraged her to start using her real name instead of the “Mary” a teacher had given her.  Prafulla shares her life’s journey from India to Canada with expansive tributes to the family matriarch.  Lesley talks about her origins in the UK. Neall shares his knowledge of various cultures and languages.

Neall announces his plans to travel and do research for an upcoming publication, “The Wisdom of Seniors.” To contribute, send a short bio and one favorite poem that you have written to ncr223@gmail.com.

Neall reads 14th century Meng Hao-Ran’s 14th Century Chinese poem Spring Morning and its English translation, followed by Easter Parade, his response to Meng’s poem.

#CharlotteSistaCFerrell leads us in a Qi Gong minute and a virtual hug to embrace our varied identities.

Lesley reads four haiku inspired by a visit to a nature park in Japan.

Yoshimi shares her short story Tell Your Mother.

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