Our Third Week of Recognizing Asian Heritage Month

Our PBA Special Guest Thursday, May 27 Is renowned Video Journalist, Shibani Gokhale, the host for Yahoo News Canada. She will raise our awareness and appreciation for S.E. Asians whose contributions and heritage are often overlooked . We will learn more about global efforts to help assist India in quelling the surge of Covid-19, and some uplifting ways we can help stop Asian Hate Crimes.

Shibani Gokhale is a video journalist based in Vancouver, Canada. She primarily works as an Associate Editor for Yahoo News Canada and is also a video contributor at Daily Hive Vancouver, CBC Creator Network and The Quint. She has a masters in journalism degree from Columbia University and has previously worked as a digital journalist at ATTN: in Los Angeles and Brut. in India. She can be found on Instagram @bani_sg.
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