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S2 E45 – Money Talks

Our 45th Zoomcast (February 18th, 2021); We contrast a notion we had about money as teens with our current perceptions. Charlotte Ferrell introduces accountant Maggie

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S2 E43 – What’s in A Name?

Our 43rd Zoomcast (February 4th, 2021); We consider the implications of various names as labels for older people, particularly when identifying this demographic in housing,

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S2 E42 – The Learning Curve

Our 42nd Zoomcast (January 28th, 2021); Charlotte Ferrell announces the launch of an “Interview Reservoir  Campaign” to achieve a goal set by PBA podcasters in

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S2 E41 – A Conversation Potluck

Host, Charlotte Sista C Ferrell, convenes “A Conversation Potluck” with “appetizers”, a Main Course, and Dessert. As our appetizer, participants introduce themselves by describing a

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