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S2 E4 – Creative Juices

Our 4th Zoomcast (April 30, 2020) features readings by our regular zoomcast participants. In our first segment we listen to Chris Morrissey read her short

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S2 E3 – Planning and Musing

Our 3rd Zoomcast (April 23, 2020) features brainstorming, open discussion and an invitation to the poetic muse. Neall Ryon reads his poem A Birthright. Charlotte

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S2 E2 – Together We Create

Our 2nd Zoomcast (April 16, 2020) presents content created by our podcasters. Pat Hogan of QUIRKY (Queer Imaging and Writing Collective) reads a statement of

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S2 E1 – Our Very First Zoomcast

Our first Zoomcast (April 9, 2020) replaces in-person podcasting from the 411 Seniors’ Centre. Following brainstorming for upcoming shows and a discussion of technical issues

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Listening Sessions~a.k.a.~ "SPINS": Stories, Poems, Interviews, Novelties