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S3 E20 – Sharing Stories

Our 70th Zoomcast (September 2nd, 2021); Another week of stories and other writing from our PBA podcasters. Last week, Author/Host Charlotte Sista C Ferrell gave us

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S3 E19 – Writers at Work

Our 69th Zoomcast (Aug 26th, 2021); Host, #Charlotte Sista C Ferrell opened with a welcome to our featured presenters, Una Bruhns and Lesley Hebert; others

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S3 E18 – Influencers

Our 78th Zoomcast (Thursday, Aug 19); We learn the Who, Why and What about “Influencers”,  and explore whether YOU could be one with our guest,

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S3 E17 – Island Hopping

In the midst of this Heat Wave, we have a cool treat for you.  Join our Podcast ship and enjoy Nansey Sinclaire’s travelogue “Day trip to Nanaimo”. You will

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